Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Electricity Saving vs Heat Stroke

While people should save electricity, the temperature is getting higher and also the risk of heat stroke is increasing this summer in Japan.

This is one of the electricity saving measures in one of the office in Tokyo.

Inside the room, lights are switched off and electrical fans are used to make the room cooler.
In the house, people start to save the electricity too.

A survey held by clock Maker Company said result in: Until now, approximately a house uses air conditioning for 6 hours per day. This year, they will suppress it up to 2 hours 48 minutes per day. 

However, in the middle of June the temperatures start to rise.
In Tokyo, when the news was broadcasted (June 20th 2011), the temperature was 27.9oC.
In Fukushima, Iwate and other prefectures including Eastern Japan, the temperature had reach 30oC.
That’s why people should be aware of heat stroke risk.     

According to Fire and Disaster Management Agency, there have been 468 persons all over Japan carried by ambulances to the hospital due to heat stroke. Data were taken from May 30th - June 12th.   
As the temperature and humidity is rising, so that the risk of heat stroke.
For example, though the temperature is 25oC, if the humidity is more than 75%, people should be aware of heat stroke no matter what. 
In order to avoid heat stroke when we are outside home, one kind of method was done in Saitama Prefecture. 

In Saitama, Seimusu Drugstores (which are about 880 stores all around Japan) made this kind of poster:

It was written in the poster that “Please drop by in District’s Oasis in a friendly manner”

To keep out from heat stroke, people were going to the shops instead of shopping. This kind of trick was started in Saitama. The stores were being kind of place to bear away from the summer heat.

A manager of drugstore said that due to electricity saving, the temperature inside the store is 28oC. This absolutely will provide neither a cool place nor place just to keep out from direct light.   
In Saitama Prefecture, convenient store, bank, and other public place have to collaborate to save electricity.
So, how about the houses? What kind of way they could take to save the electricity?
 How to save electricity while trying preventing heat stroke? The point is on the air conditioning. 

This summer, Tokyo Power Electricity Company and Tohoku Power Electricity Company have to save up 15% of electricity.   
Generally, in the houses, it is possible to stop using air conditioning and start to use electric fan that could save electricity up to 50%.
In addition, the houses could use bamboo blind in the windows in order to keep out from sunlight.
Moreover, if we set up air conditioning temperature 2 degrees lower than the outside temperature, it could save up electricity 10%.
By doing two out three methods, we could reach the target of saving electricity.
However, if the air conditioning power source is frequently being switched on and off, or using dehumidify mode, the electricity consumption will increase.
It is important to be careful of the use of electric devices.


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