Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Adults on 2011~Those who was born in Bubble Economic Era

Today's Special
People who have reached adult’s age have been asked.


Generally, this year’s new adults who were born after “Bubble Economic Crisis”, have “reliable” impression. First, we asked about each person’s future.
The question is

What will you do in the next 10 years?

People had various dreams. On the other hands, nowadays’ employment ice age made most of them so anxious about job hunting.

These anxiousness was mostly felt by university student.


Survey conducted by Internet Company resulted in 82% of new adults worried about job vacancies. (マクロミル)

On another survey, new adults were asked “who will not give up until you find a job”. The survey in 2005 was resulted in 51.9% said “they will not give up”. In the few years number of people who answered “will not give up” was rapidly decreasing and falls to 16.4% this year. (オネット)
In addition, after entering a company, the number of people answered “should be focused on promotion by merit more than promotion by seniority” was decreasing from 65.2% in 2005 to 22.5%. (オネット)
 In the middle of difficulties in finding job, people tend to not too picky in choosing jobs.
After getting job, workers moods are growing to get a steadiness in working place rather than to get involved in a competition.

 The next question is

We asked new adults about what kind of adults they yearn for or they wish to be?

Based on survey, many people yearned for being parents seemed so familiar.

Internet survey about “who is an ideal adult figure” resulted in

Mother, father, teacher, college professor, or other such a figure. Moreover, there is small number of new adults who would like to actively involved in economy-political field. Most people tend to think a realistic way. 
The last question is what young people think about Japan

Though they feel unsafe with the recession, we asked about “what they think the best way to get out from the situation”.


These two girls are thinking about achieving a nobel prize will be great for Japan.

This boy thinks about Japan’s meals which are delicious.

This employee thinks that peace is the most important thing. He will be happy if there is no war.

This freelancer thinks that Japan is warm.


This student thinks that sympathy and moral are very important for Japan.
Everyone, thank you very much.
Then, Congratulation for New Adults.

Disclaimer: 櫻井翔 (News ZERO, NTV)


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