Monday, June 28, 2010

May, 17th イチメン Foot and Mouth Disease

Food and mouth disease has widely spread in an unexpected place.

This is Miyazaki City’s Zoo.
It is written on the signboard that “The zoo is closed due to prevent the spread of Foot and Mouth Disease”. Besides putting the signboard, the zoo also poured some amount of disinfectant on the ground. Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) is a highly contagious disease; even the virus attached to human shoes could cause widespread of the virus. FMD is not only infecting cattle, but also zoo’s animal. This is why the zoo was being closed.

Animals such as cattle, swine, and goat are susceptible to FMD, while horses and rhinoceros are not.

Thus, the number of hoof could be divided into cloven-hoofed and odd-hoofed animals. Horse (1 hoof each foot) and Rhinoceros (3 hoofs each foot) are examples of odd-hoofed animals. These kind of animals are not susceptible to FMD virus.

If by any chance milk or meat from infected cattle were drunk or eaten, the infection will not be occurred in human body. FMD is non-contagious disease to human. So, what kind of disease FMD is?

FMD is caused by virus and one of infectious disease in farm animals. The infected animals will show symptoms such as blisters inside mouth and on hoof. Once the cow was infected, the quality of meat and milk yield would become low. The characteristic of this disease is the highly infection and could be transmitted through air (air borne). So far, there has not any effective treatment yet. The only way to prevent outspread of the disease is to slaughter the infected animals.

This action was given to prevent the contagious disease. Even if there is only one infected animal found in the farm,

the whole animals in the same farm have to be slaughtered.
After that, slaughtered animals were buried or burned. The slaughtering action should also be done to the neighbor’s farm.

Furthermore, as preventive action, inside radius of 10 km of the infected area, migration of animals in and outside is strictly prohibited. Thus, the FMD case has caused an economic shock.

contributor: Sakurai Sho


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