Friday, February 26, 2010

New Fandom

I just found these in Japan. As you know that Japan (esp.Tokyo) is a perfect place for Japan's fan. Before coming here, I could say that I just knew some celebs. Let say Arashi, L'Arc~en~Ciel, YUI, NEWS, YamaP, AAA, and some others (well, that a lot enough).

However, after almost half a year here, I've found more fandom >o< Lemme tell you one by one...


I was totally fall in love at first sight of 見つめていたい as a CM for one of mobile phone company. The melody is thought to be an easy listening one. In addition, 山村 隆太 was quite charming on that CM video *.* I also find that 残像 is also a good one. Its simple but artistic PV caught my eyes on.

Move to the second one...


what a name!^^ Fresh, sweet, light color, healthy... just like yuzu... Two of good song from this duo are 虹 and 桜会. The first one is the theme for Winter Olympic CM (what an encouragement song^^), while the second one has a unique PV. 桜会 also has unique sound since it included traditional music from Mongol (I think it's Mongol^^)

Anyway, I'll move to...

Tsukamoto Takashi (!)

yes, this good-looking actor I saw in 曲げられない女 Oguri Shun's best friend and also a singer. My first impression about him in the dorama was: A boy taking a man's role >,< Well, he looked young (esp. in 曲げられない女) though he is not that young^^ I think because his partner was dressed in a coservative lady, so that Tsukamoto Takashi looks younger^^ haha... Ok, stop it. Let's move to...

Asari Yosuke

As you see on the picture above, I begin to admire him in Code Blue. Unfortunately, he always placed at the last line, behind, or under YamaP's picture >,< To be honest, his character isn't an "Idol" nor "a food doctor to be". But I think his character made this dorama "lifely" and a little bit "cheerful" though it's not kind of "cheerful" drama >,< His role remind me of my funny senpai who always bring up smile and even laugh everywhere. I wish I could have a partner like him in my work place someday.^^

Well, next one is not a musician nor an actor...

Ishikawa Ryo

Absolutely, this pro-golf player. A surprising fact is that his age is 18! (hard to believe, he's younger than me>,<) Still a high school student in Asagaya (around 15 mnt by train from my house^^) but already has good technic in golf. No wonder a lot of people admire him^^

Well, that's all I could tell! I am sorry if I couldn't tell a good one^^



I N N E ✖ straw ♪ said...

Jadi inget, orang2 di sini banyak yang kena demam flumpool gara2 Bloody Monday ^^
Anyway, saya suka Yuzu juga :Dv

ayudesu said...

Bloody Monday... saya cuma sempet nonton 1 kali... abis itu ga pernah bisa nonton *maklum mlm minggu, banyak acara* ^^

I N N E ✖ straw ♪ said...

ah... masih mending. saya malah blom pernah nonton 1 episode pun :P *diinjek*

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